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We strongly recommend that you contact us before proceeding to payment. If you choose a pricing plan without prior communication with Mentes, you will be contacted soon to discuss your case, as the pricing is always personalized to each client. No refunds will be processed. 

  • Just Websites

    Website Basic

    Must enroll in this plan to keep website published.
    • Website hosting.
    • Assistance and small edits.
    • Google Indexation
    • Some edits to the site may require additional charges.
  • Social Media

    Every month
    Plan to keep an account's engagement relevant.
    • Designed content for account activity during the week.
    • Includes Facebook & Instagram.
    • Advertising and promotions are not included.
    • Monthly report & statistics.
    • Strategy with relevant content to create engagement.
    • Focused on followers attraction.
  • Marketing

    Every month
    Complete Goal-Focused Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy.
    • Website SEO & SEM.
    • E-mail Marketing.
    • Digital Advertisement Campaigns.
    • Lead Attraction & Brand Awareness.
    • Landing Pages & Funneling.
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Cost Optimization Program

Thanks for your business!

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